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Got a House for Sale in Seattle Washington?

Bustle Seattle

No worries… we have created a truly no-nonsense way for you to get your house sold quickly and still get a great price for it.

When you sell to Bustle Seattle you will get all of the following benefits:

  • We buy houses in their As Is condition so you never have to make any costly repairs to it
  • We buy houses in any area.  So regardless if you house is in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, or even Olympia, we would still buy.  In fact we buy houses all throughout the state of Washington and even all over the USA too.
  • We buy homes even if you are behind in payments or in foreclosure.  Our title company will simply order a payoff request from the existing mortgage company and we will get the entire thing paid off in full.

Need to sell you house fast?  No problem.  We can buy your house quickly and get it closed in as little as just 10 days.  And if 10 days is too quick, we will let you pick whatever closing date you want so long as you give our title company at least 1 week’s notice to prepare all the legal mumbo jumbo paperwork.

Since we have bought so many homes in the greater Seattle area, we will be able to quickly size up your home within 20 minutes flat of seeing inside it and even give you an offer right there on the spot.

Home not in Seattle?  No worries, we actually buy all throughout the USA too, so still feel free to contact us and we will patch you through to our local home buying office for that area.

Contact us today to get a quote on your home today.  Discover the hassle-free Bustle Seattle way today.

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