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18 Things To Consider When Selling A House “As Is”

Selling a house “as is” may prove difficult to many, but with these golden tips, well, it may just be easier than imagined.

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Sell Your House As Is

1. Research – Repairing and refurbishing a home to make it marketable takes a lot of your valuable time and money. There are many factors to look at before jumping into it, such as: selling yourself or going through an agent, fix it up or selling “as is,” the state of the housing market, to buy or sell first? Luckily, we have all these questions answered for you!

2. It’s A Business – Selling a house is essentially a business. You need to determine how to make a profit, the right price, meet deadlines, market the property, and handle all of all of the paperwork!

3. Do You Have the Time? – We live in a society where we’re constantly doing something. Both spouses in a typical American family work full-time jobs, on top of being a parent! Who has the time to repair and sell a house, when you can spend that time with your family!

4. Being On-Call – Buyer’s today aren’t running on the seller’s schedule. Everyone has their own obligations and responsibilities, so you need to meet with them when it’s convenient for them. Otherwise, they will take their money somewhere else!

5. Sell First – Sellers are looking to leave their headaches and to somebody else. You want to make sure you sell your existing home before taking on another. Otherwise you run into the cost of two mortgages, yikes!

6. Stress – Selling a house requires a lot of work and dedication. Working with an agent to handle all the hard tasks alleviates stress, and all you need to worry about is collecting your return!

7. Historical Homes – America is rich in history, and many historical homes still exist today. If you live in one, make sure to read up on the rules and restrictions to stay compliant!

8. Endless Repairs – Being a seasoned homeowner, you know once you fix one thing, something else breaks! The list of things needing repair is endless and expensive!

9. How To Sell It Quickly – Individuals who sell their homes independently are typically on the market longer than sellers working with an experienced agent. They’re experts in the field and will sell your property quicker!

10. Who’s Buying? – Do you know what your buyer is specifically looking for? When selling an “as is” property, the buyer is reading, “you get what you get.” The expectation of a perfect home is low, and this gives the opportunity for the buyers to fix it to their specific needs.

11. Housing Market – It is better to sell a house in need when the market is up. When the market is up you can price it higher. When the market is down you are competing with numerous other sellers who are in the same situation. This means you are not going to get the best price.

12. Profit? – The future of the real estate market is uncertain, so it’s better to sell now while it’s still up, instead of investing your precious time and money into a property that may not make you a pretty profit.

13. Millennials – Millennials are buying homes. As most of them watched the market crash in 2007, many are anxious to purchase a home before history repeats itself. They are interested in the hip, expensive areas. Selling a fixer-upper to a young, creative buyer for the right price could get your house off the market in no time!

14. Marketing – Once the house is on the market, it is crucial to keep the home spotless with minimal clutter. The more appealing it is to the senses, the quicker it gets sold!

15. The Pricing Game – Do you have the skills and experience in the industry to negotiate the best price? Most independent sellers do not, so leave it to an expert to guide you through the pricing process and make it worth your while!

16. Low-Ball Offers – These homes immediately attract certain buyers, such as investors, low-income buyers, and house flippers. Be prepared for these offers and have an idea of how you’re going to handle them.

17. Know the Competition – Analyzing the competition and picking out the features and benefits of your property can be time-consuming, let an expert do that for you and make your property shine!

18. Disclosures – It is required by law to disclose all known issues with the property, but don’t be afraid! Professionals in the field can assist with this so you can rest assured in your new home that everything is fine!